About Us

- Chilton County Peach Festival -

Since its beginning in 1947, the Chilton County Peach Festival has become an important tradition to the people of Chilton County. The Peach Festival is a celebration of local peach farmers and the local peach industry.


- Chilton County Peach Pageant -

What is the Peach Pageant about? It’s about serving our community for over 70 years, Being a part of the history that’s deep in the roots of Chilton County and supporting our Chilton County Farmers. It’s about developing young ladies to be their best, supporting and serving our community and changing lives. It’s about tradition and we are honored you are here to be a part of our tradition.


- Clanton Lions Club -

Established in 1946, our motto is ‘We Serve’. Our goal is to serve Chilton County. Our main fundraiser is the Peach Festival. Our mission is to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding through Lions clubs.